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Mon, Jan. 23rd, 2006, 11:07 pm
The Day We All Rejoiced!

wow, the break ended up being ridiculously long, and after finally getting out of it, I'm not back at good ol FTC. Which is awesome cause this is the first semester i've been extremely excited to be back. I'm in classes with my friends this semester which is awesome, and so far i don't feel as if i'll hate my classes but I feel I may finally get something out of them. I'm taking Child Lit which is suprizingly very important to me at the moment because my backup plan is to become a children's author. and then creative writing helps so much more because I'm gonna learn new techniques and styles for writing. so far the day is lookin awesome.

oh god does it get better!

i go to the cafeteria for my break, and the all star team of my friends are there. i walked with alex and vicki, and then everyone else like the gregs, vinny, keri, moonen, and everyone else pop into frame and my life is finally awesome again. the first thing i say to skinny greg and vinny after hi how've you been was these words "This semester must be worthwhile." both of them look at me and nod and I say two words that changed the rest of the day as we know it... Zombie Movie. and there the ideas fly out of our heads like nothing. we came up with an idea that is gonna make this semester what it is. and then the rest of the day rolls by...

we do charactering development after i drive amber and patti to go get smokes. patti offered to help with storyboards which is awesome, and amber offered up her acting talents. Now our main character needed to look the part, he needed to be a handsome young caucassian male who has excellent acting ability, and who am I kidding Geoff Moonen is the definition of the lead role part. He get's a girlfriend who will be played by amber. and then i have put myself in the role of the lone wolf badass part who doesn't get along with geoff too much. yeah i get a love interest as well, completely suprizingly suggested by ally whose playing the role of amber's best friend and the girl who takes a liking towards me. then we got justin who will be playing geoff's best friend. vinny who is gonna play the 2nd in command kind of leader. holli and allison who are playing two girls who are with us. and the amazing team of brian baker and mike schuman as the stoners. and hispanic mike is in there somewhere as well.

i'm not gonna ruin anything because the movie just looks really great right now. we got a lot of support behind this so far and i'm liking a good turnout.

an amazing day ended where 4 of who i feel are some of my best friends at school went to the movies. the matador, not a terrible movie, coulda had a much better script, but pierce brosnan did great. we then snuck into the queen latifa movie and lasted 2 seconds until we couldnt bear it anymore. the best thing about this is we are in the midst of making road trip plans to tennesse for spring break. boy am i excited about life!!!!!

that's it for now i will leave things on such a high point. motivation everywhere for everyone!!!

Mon, Jan. 9th, 2006, 05:35 pm
NQPWF Deadzone #1 (Part 2)

Matti H: We just saw possibly the greatest Tag Team match of all time!

Christo: What we just saw was a screw job!

Matti H: Yeah, but look whose got the titles? Not Elmo and Randose that's for damn sure!

Christo: Well I'm sure they will be out for revenge on Weapon X and the Megastars! And we got a lot more here tonight, Climax will get his first World Title Defence against Stop Sign Bob, There will be a 6-Man Tag Match featuring the RWF against The Dancin' Fool, Jeepers, and Murphy, and right now we're about to find out who Lobo's first opponent in this Employee Step Ladder to the World Title!

(Cut to backstage where Lobo finishes taping himself up and starts walking to the ring)

Chadwick: This match is schedualed for one fall!

("Bowser Theme" from Mario64 hits as the crowd gives a very mixed reaction)

Chadwick: Making his way to the ring first, from Anchorage, Alaska weighing 250 lbs, El Lobo!

(El Lobo walks to the ring with an extremely determined look on his face)

Christo: Well here's Lobo's first of many matches that he'll have to win to ever get any title shot again, but whose his opponent gonna be?

Chadwick: And his opponent....

("Coma" by Guns N Roses hits as the crowd begins to go nuts)

Matti H: Oh No! Not him!

Chadwick: From Boston, Massachusettes weighing 235 lbs, Dr. Pain!

(Dr. Pain walks to the ring, takes off his lab coat, and stares down at Lobo as the crowd continues to cheer)

Matti H: Dr. Pain is one of the most feared wrestlers in the NQPWF and Bob was definately right, Lobo has a tough challenge ahead of him tonight!

Christo: and here we go! Lobo starting out with a collar and elbow tie up, putting pain in a headlock, bounces off the ropes and hits a bulldog onto pain! But Pain isn't even down! what a monster this guy is!

Matti H: Lobo is lookin a little frightened now, He tries knocking Pain down but Pain isn't even feeling it, it's like he took painkillers before the match! Lobo is now just getting frusterated and continues trying to knock him down, But Pain with a strong right hand knocks down the lobo. Dr. Pain now looking for an STF and he has it locked in, this is his patented submission move he does and trust me this is tough to escape from!

Christo: Lobo is having a tough time trying to get to the ropes but he does without tapping. and Dr Pain looks to be continuing this beatdown by stomping on what looks like a hurt leg of Lobo. Pain goes to cover 1...2... Lobo kicks out! Pain now trying to put Pain on the leg again and trust me this guy is a master of this and he knows how to hurt people!

Matti H: Well Lobo now grabbing onto the ropes again and kicking Pain off of him. He's tryin to buy some time resting that hurt leg he has. Pain looks to be right behind him and he hits a back suplex onto lobo! he goes to cover 1...2... Lobo kicks out. and now Pain is back to work on that leg again and Lobo continues to be in pain! If he can't break out of this then his chances for that world title shot don't look very good at all!

Christo: Pain goin for a cover again 1...2... Lobo kicks out again. and lobo is now finally fighting back and he gets up hurt again trying to walk off that hurt leg, Dr. Pain comes right at him with a clothesline, but Lobo ducks and hits a sidewalk slam! goes to cover 1...2... Pain kicks out!

Matti H: Lobo now lookin to go to the top rope for a monster splash, but Pain has moved out of the way!!! Dr. Pain bringing lobo back up now looking for the Painkiller, and he hits it! goes to cover 1...2... Lobo gets a foot on the ropes! Lobo must be tired but he is not out of this one just yet!

Christo: Both wrestlers up now, Dr. Pain whipping Lobo to the ropes, but it's reversed! Pain bounces off, Lobo hits the Lariot!!! He goes to cover 1...2...3...!!!! this one is over and Lobo is safe and will continue to climb this ladder.

Matti H: You can't help but think how that leg is holdin up though, that's gonna hurt him throughout the next few weeks!

Chadwick: Here is your winner, El Lobo!!!

(El Lobo leaves the ring nursing his leg and getting walked out by a referee)

(Camara cuts to backstage where we see The Climax written on the locker room door)

Louis Chaddor: (knocking on door) Hello, Climax? I wanna interview you on your World title victory meng.

(Climax opens the door)

Climax: Excuse me? Have I just been rudely interrupted?

Louis Chaddor: Why yes, yes you have been. Tell me Climax, how do you feel regaining the World Title since your first run back in the baby days of NQPWF

Climax: Let me tell you somethin chump, The Climax has been waiting a long time for this and finally, the belt is mine again! This is where everyone wants to see the belt at, and we finally have a REAL Champion here. Not like some loser like Stop Sign Bob who never even had a title defence. And you know why I was fired? You know why i lost the belt? It was because of him. He decided to take the roll of all mighty chairman and fire me, because I had a little temper tantrum. Well guess what, I'm back and I've been back and I'm at the top of my game right now. You think you can stop me stop sign? Well keep dreamin punk!

(Camara cuts to The Dancin' Fool's locker room)

Jeepers: Come on man what are you doing? This is no way to go into a match!

(Murphy is laying passed out on the floor)

Murphy: Fuck Off!

Dancin' Fool: I think he had a little too much dancin juice!

Jeepers: Obviously. Murph come on let's go you promised you would tag with us tonight and now I'm holding you to it. So get up and let's go!

Murphy: .....FINE!

(Jeepers and Fool help Murphy to his feet)

(Dancin Fool starts dancin out of the locker room)

Jeepers: Is that neccisary?

Dancin' Fool: When is it not neccisary to dance?

Jeepers: Hmm, I concur.

(Dancin Fool and Jeepers dance down the hallway with Murphy being held up in their arms)

Matti H: Looks like we're just about ready for our 6-Man Tag, but someone who does not look ready is Murph.

Christo: Murph needs to concentrate on his wrestling instead of the bottle. If he continues this, I suggest he get help.

Matti H: Well maybe if he hangs around the Fool enough, he can get addicted to dancing!

Christo: That would make for great television. And let's now focus on the ring for our six man tag!

Chadwick: The following contest is a Six Man Tag Team Match schedualed for one fall!

("Dragula" by Rob Zombie hits as the crowd begins to boo)

Chadwick: Making their way to the ring first, The team of Brisk, Evil Santa, and the NQPWF New York Champion Jonny "The Animal" Deathrow, they are the RWF!

(RWF comes down to the ring as the crowd continues to give em heat)

Matti H: Well The RWF thought they they could grab two NQPWF Titles last week, but Dancin' Fool made sure that the National Title stayed with the NQPWF.


("Jungle Boogie" by Kool and The Gang hits as the crowd begins to go insane)

Chadwick: And their opponents, the team of The Dancin' Fool, Murphy, and the NQPWF National Champion Jeepers!

(Dancin' Fool and Jeepers come to the ring dancing as Murphy holds his head in pain)

Christo: And here we go! This grudge match is under way and everyone in the ring is just brawling with each other and the ref can't even control things. These guys are goin all out on each other and Brisk has just tossed Jeepers out of the ring! and he's got that ninjitsu weapon on him and he's continuing to beat Jeepers with it! Jeepers looks bruised outside the ring as Santa and Deathrow are giving a beating to Murph and the Fool!

Matti H: Well it looks like the ref has finally got some control of things and the Dancin' Fool and Evil Santa are starting this match off. Fool whips santa to the ropes, picks him up, back drop! Now the Fool is gonna dance and groove a bit, and he hits a knee right to Santa's face! Fool goes to cover 1...2... Kick Out! Dancin Fool gonna dance some more, but santa fighting back, santa puts him in an arm wrench and brings him over to the RWF corner to tag in Brisk.

Christo: Brisk is in now and him and Santa are pummeling him in their corner as Deathrow is holding the Fool's arms back. It looks like Jeepers is finally getting up after that severe beating at the hands of Brisk, and Murph looks a little too confused to help out. The Ref finally sends Santa back to the corner and Brisk is now working on the arm of The Dancin' Fool. Stompin down on it and making sure he hurts it. Brisk has the Fool down, bounces on the rops, Leg Drop! goes to cover 1...2... kick out by the Fool!

Matti H: Brisk looks like he's still workin on that arm of the Dancin' Fool putting him in a judo arm bar. Fool looks like he's in pain and he's gonna need a tag real soon if he wants his team to still be in this. Brisk being told to let go of the hold and he's now arguing with the ref, Fool getting his chance to try and get a tag in. he's crawling over to the corner and he's got a tag to Jeepers! Jeepers over with a roundhouse kick on Brisk! Brisk is getting up but is to his knees, Jeepers hits the shinning wizard!

Christo: That shinning wizard is hard to get up from as Jeepers now going for a cover 1...2... Deathrow breaks up the fall. Deathrow now in the ring beating on Jeepers with no tag given to him. he picks up jeepers, Gorillia Press Slam!!! And Deathrow has knocked Dancin' Fool off the apron! Evil Santa getting off his corner and going to his Sack of gifts and he's got a shovel, and he smacks it straight to the head of the Fool!

Matti H: The ref now trying to get Deathrow back to his corner and Brisk has made a tag to him. Jeepers made a tag to Murphy and Murph looks confused but he's getting in the ring. He goes for a clothesline on Deathrow, but he ducks! Deathrow now lifting him up looking for the Death Penalty.. WHAM! Brisk is now making sure Jeepers doesn't get back in the ring as Deathrow goes for a cover on Murphy 1...2...3...!!!! The RWF pulls out a quick one!

Chadwick: Here are your winners, The RWF!

Matti H: Murph is motionless in the ring and the RWF is escaping before these guys can do anything. What an upset for the RWF!

Christo: Looks like Jeepers and Fool are now going in the ring and helping Murph to his feet, and if Murph still wants to be a top competitor in this federation, he's gotta make a lot of changes in his life.

(Camara cuts to backstage as we see Stop Sign Bob walking to the ring getting ready for his match)

Matti H: And we are about to witness this man, Stop Sign Bob, make an attempt to win the world title!

(Camara cuts to the Climax walking to the ring getting ready)

Christo: But in order to get that belt, he has to go through this man who will being getting his first world title defence tonight!

(Camara cuts to commercial where we hear Presidental Election music)

Voice: Are you sick of being bored? Tired of crappy matches made by a terrible commisioner?

Fan: I don't think the matches are bad.

Voice: Yes you do! That's why, you want a new commisioner here in the NQPWF, someone so zaney and right wing that everything is unexpected!

Fan: Uhh but I'm a liberal.

Voice: Great! You liberal's are always complaining for change! That's why you should vote The Rebel for new commisioner.

Fan: But I hate the Reb...


Fan: Ugh... fine I'll vote the Rebel

Voice: Of course you will! Vote The Rebel in 2006 for commisioner and everything you absolutely don't want to happen will! Paid for by the Autonomous Cult and the Republican Party, except Condeliza Rice, she can go fuck a horse!

(Camara cuts back to the commentators)

Matti H: What in the hell was that?

Christo: I don't know, I didn't even know that the commisionership was something you voted on.

Matti H: Well, anyway. Let's get to our main event!

Chadwick: the following contest is schedualed for one fall and is for the NQPWF World Championship!!!

("Big In Japan" by Tom Waits hits as the crowd is mixed with cheering and booing)

Chadwick: Introducing first, the challenger, weighing 180 lbs from the F-Stop in Trenton, New Jersey, your NQPWF Chairman Stop Sign Bob!

(Stop Sign Bob struts to the ring with a devilish grin on his face)

("God of the Mind" by Disturbed hits as the crowd errupts into a huge pop)

Chadwick: And his opponent, weighing 175 lbs from Newport, Rhode Island, he is your NQPWF World Champion! The Climax!!!

(Climax runs down the entry ring as the crowd continues to go crazy)

Matti H: Stop Sign Bob meeting Climax outside the ring and both of them are exchanging blows by the entry way! Climax dragging Bob's head toward the steel steps and he bashes his head multiple times into them! Climax now getting into the ring and he's going up climbing the turnbuckle lookin for a splash to the outside, but Bob moves out of the way and climax falls straight to the ground!!!

Christo: Now Bob is looking under the ring for a weapon of his choice, it looks like he's got a chair. He's pickin that chair up and WHAM! straight to the head of Climax! And another one! And another! Technically I don't even think the bell has been rung yet and the ref is trying to get these guys in the ring! Bob finally putting the chair down and dragging Climax in and theres the bell and the match has technically just started, but Stop Sign Bob has an obvious advantage right now.

Matti H: Bob has desided to work on the head of Climax and he's got him in a tight headlock. Climax already looking woozy, of course that's what three chair shots will do to you. It looks like Climax is now showing signs of life and is fighting back with hard elbows to Bob's sternum. He bounces off the ropes and knocks Bob down with a stiff arm to the face. Now Bob's down and Climax is bouncing against the ropes again and hits a beautiful fist drop! he goes for a cover 1...2... kick out by Bob!

Christo: Climax is having Bob up again and he hits a good looking Gargoyle Suplex! Goes for another cover 1...2... Bob out again. Climax now raising his fist to the crowd and the crowd knows what's coming. Could this be the Anti-Climax? NO! Bob was playing possum and hits him with a low blow! Bob is now taunting the crowd and hey! He's got his own version of the Anti-Climax locked in! Way to steal from Climax's playbook Bob!

Matti H: It looks like Climax is struggling for the ropes and he finally gets to them, But Bob won't let go of the hold and Climax is still holding on! CLIMAX FLIPS BOB OVER THE ROPES!!! BOTH OF THEM DOWN TO THE GROUND!!! Both of these guys are motionless right now and what a match to main event this card!

Christo: Agreed for sure! It looks like both men are starting to get up and Climax with two hard right hands to Bob! Climax now looking for a PILEDRIVER STRAIGHT ON THE GROUND! Both men have given it their all tonight and they don't seem done yet! Climax going over towards us...

Matti H: Hey wait a second you can't lay him on our table! We need this table to commentate!

Christo: Shit dude, I'm gettin up!

Matti H: Yeah me too!

Christo: It looks like Climax is on the top rope looking to do something onto the table.... FALLING ACTION STRAIGHT THROUGH THE COMMENTATOR TABLE! BOTH MEN ARE MOTIONLESS AND WE HAVE NO WHERE TO SIT!


Matti H: It looks like the Ref is gonna start counting them out! 1......2......3......4........5...... Climax is very slowly trying to get to his feet but I don't think he's gonna do it! 6........7.......8....... Both men are trying really hard to get back into the ring!!! 9.......10......!!!!!!

Christo: Both men have been counted out!!!!!!! Both of these guys look like they aren't even able to move!

Chadwick: The winner of this match is a No Decision VIA a Count Out, therefore still NQPWF World Champion, The Climax!!!!!

Matti H: I'm speechless and shocked!

Christo: It looks like Climax is finally getting to his feet!

(Climax's music plays as he goes to the ropes and holds up his World Title to the crowd at a huge reaction)


Christo: How can you do this? Out of all the nasty repulsive things to do this is the worst! And now Bob is putting him in the Sharpshooter! and Climax is bleeding from head to toe!!! Referees and officials are finally out to stop Bob.

Matti H: Well what can you say? He's the chairman, he does what he wants!

Christo: Well that's it for tonight, stayed tuned next week for another Deadzone and maybe we'll have some questions answered about this horrible beatdown! Goodnight folks!

(Camara cuts to Stop Sign Bob staring at Climax with a devilish grin on his face as his music plays and referees try to get him to leave the ring. The crowd boo's him heavily as the scene fades to black and the show ends)

Mon, Jan. 9th, 2006, 03:09 am
NQPWF Deadzone #1 (Part 1)

(clips are shown of The Climax winning the royal rumble)
(clips are also shown of Weapon X's vicious attack on Elmo Machete)

(scene cut to El Lobo standing in the ring to start the show)

El Lobo: I don't know what the hell happend at the Royal Rumble, but I was screwed. I had eliminated my way to the end and Climax was eliminated already, that belt is MINE! I Deserve it! Not this Climax guy. You know what I had to go through to to come here? I had to basically travel on an iceberg just to get off of Alaska. AND, in the meantime, I was criticized for doing it. People telling me that I'm never gonna make it over in the real states. For Crying out loud my father wanted me to be an ice fisher! BUT I WASN'T HAVING IT! And now, I'm being screwed out of a the one thing that I want! Climax doesn't want this! I DO! I deserve to be...

("Big In Japan" hits)

Stop Sign Bob: Wait a second Lobo. You honestly think you are deserving of a title shot? what the hell have you done lately? You jobbed in matches to Finno, Deathrow, and oh yeah, Ceej-Tank! How the hell can I let you get a shot at our World Title when you haven't won a match in a month?


Stop Sign Bob: SHUT THE FUCK UP THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW! Quite frankly I don't give a shit about you, or any matches that you've had. I don't care how many times you have won or how many titles you've held, and I certainly don't care about your boring ass background story. So you know what Lobo? This is what you gotta do to ever gain a World Title shot in this fed. You have to defeat, that's right, EVERY SINGLE MEMBER IN THE NQPWF! And if you don't beat every person in any match that I create for you, you will NEVER recieve another Title shot, with ANY title EVER AGAIN!

El Lobo: That's proposterous! What do you see me as? an under-rated midcarder who needs to show his place? I'M ABOVE THAT AND I DESERVE THAT TITLE SHOT!

Stop Sign Bob: Well seeing that I'm in charge, I COULD just say right now you'll never get a title shot again. So if you don't accept this generous offer, then it's tata to your career!

El Lobo: (Thinking to himself for a minute) ...Fine. But it's only because I'm extremely confident and driven to this title.

Stop Sign Bob: Well it's been a pleasure doing business with you, because your first opponent won't be a simple one...

(Stop Sign Bob leaves the ring with the camara fading out and Lobo standing in the ring annoyed and confused)

(Camara fades back up to the chairman office where Bob and Moe Esch are talking about what just occured)

Stop Sign Bob: Whew, well that was tough. I can't stand it when people abuse my power.

Moe Esch: Well they can't do anything about it, your in charge and you gotta lay the law down.

Stop Sign Bob: Heh you know what, you're right! Lobo really thinks he deserves a title shot and I'm putting him to the test. This should be a good learning expierience for him.

Moe Esch: Well if you don't think he deserves it, then who does?

Stop Sign Bob: (Puts arm around Moe) Heh Heh, you know what? I think I've gone long enough without a title shot, I've been doing a lot of work around the fed, hell pretty much 100% of it. So you know what, I'm gonna reward myself with a title shot tonight against The Climax. Just like the good old days.

Moe Esch: You really sure you wanna do this?

Stop Sign Bob: Just as long as I don't have to beat every person in the fed, I'll be fine!

(Moe and Bob both laugh as the scene cuts)

(Scene cuts to commentators)

Matti H: It looks like Lobo has got a real test coming up for him these next few weeks!

Christo: Well hopefully that Alaskan bear can pull it out okay.

Matti H: Indeed. Well it looks like we're gonna have an exciting show today! Tag Titles will be on the line as The Megastars have challenge the 4our 5ided Trian6le.

Christo: After the rumble, I'm suprized Elmo is even able to move!

Matti H: We'll also see The RWF in 6-man Tag action against The Dancin' Fool, Jeepers, and Murphy.

Christo: Well we know that Deathrow and the Fool have had a huge rivalry as of late after Deathrow took the New York Title away from him.

Matti H: and we can't forget what happend when Deathrow almost cost Jeepers the National Title.

(Clip shows Jeepers in a match against Brisk. Deathrow runs in and gives Jeepers 3 Death Penalty's. Right when he puts Brisk over to cover Jeepers, Dancin Fool runs in and gives the Get Down to both Deathrow and Brisk and then puts Jeepers over Brisk to have Jeepers retain the title.)

Christo: If it wasn't for the Fool, Jeepers would be titleless, but you can't help but think that Dancin Fool is more concerned about getting his own title back from Deathrow.

Matti H: Well any way you put it, they are all out for blood!

Christo: Don't forget our main event that was just announced, Climax getting his first title defence against the chairman Stop Sign Bob!

Matti H: And El Lobo will be in action, but we have no idea who against as of right now!

Christo: Expect this show to kick a lot of ass! let's get this kicked off with Chadwick Mcfarfigfoogalheimengotsmilkthethird announcing our first match!

Chadwick: Ladies and gentlepeople, It's my honor to introduce to you, Endless Mike!

("Dr. Worm" by They Might Be Giants hits as Endless Mike comes out talking on two cell phones at once while the crowd viciously boo's him)

Matti H: The NQPWF Sports Agent! You gotta love this guy!

(Endless Mike grabs a microphone)

Endless Mike: As you all know, I haven't had much success with my clients lately. Lobo had me fired in an instant, I couldn't get The Megastars the Tag Team Titles, I admit, I have failed recently. So here is what I'm gonna do. Tonight, I'm gonna scout this next match, and trust me, the winner will be getting a visit from me, and this time, I'm gonna sign the NEXT NQPWF WORLD CHAMPION!

(Endless Mike drops the mic and walks over to the commentary booth and sits down)

Chadwick: This match is schedualed for one fall.

("In Bloom" by Nirvana hits and the crowd boo's)

Chadwick: Making his way to the ring first, from the Bronx, New York weighing 210 lbs, Caged Heat!

(Caged Heat walks to the ring without paying attention to the booing fans)

("Sugar" by System of a down hits as the crowd gives a huge pop)

Chadwick: And his opponent, weighing 160 lbs from Foolsbury, Conneticuit, Tom Foolary!

(Tom Foolary skank dances down to the ring as the crowd gives him huge appreciation)

Matti H: And there's the bell and here goes our opening contest as we're joined here by Endless Mike!

Endless Mike: Hey guys real great to be here, I'm hoping to pick up a great rising star from this match to lead him to the NQPWF Championship!

Christo: Well that's a nice deal, i'd take it if I had some legs to wrestle with, which i do... but oh yeah the match, Caged Heat has the upper hand in the early on and hits a strong clothesline on Tom.

Endless Mike: It looks like The Foolary guy is a bit rusty and Heat is really putting him in a lot of pain, look at this beautiful arm lock! I'm impressed already!

Matti H: Well Tom has got the ropes and now Heat has got a cover, 1..2.. kick out! Heat brings him back up and it looks like Foolary is fighting back a bit. a bounce on the ropes, nice Swinging Neckbreaker!

Endless Mike: That move was great! Go Tom!

Christo: Now it looks like Tom is going for a headlock submission move himself to slow down Cage. Cage is slowing fighting back though, big elbow, and a nice Vertical Suplex!

Endless Mike: I changed my mind! Go Heat!

Christo: Heat now dropping a leg on Foolary and going for a cover. 1..2.. Kick Out! Goes for another cover 1..2.. another kick out. Foolary gets up dazed and Caged Heat is goin to the top lookin for a Double Axe Handle, but Foolary counters with a swift punch to the gut! And Foolary delivers a Bulldog!

Matti H: This match good enough for ya Mike?

Endless Mike: I have to say I am impressed, I could go either way right now!

Christo: Looks like Foolary goin for a cover and 1..2.. Heat kicks out! Foolary now looking to lock in the Foolsday Device, but it's reversed into a Crucifix Pin! 1..2.. Foolary kicks out! Heat is now picking Tom back up, but Tom knees him in the chest, bounces against the ropes and looks for the April Fool's, but it's countered and Heat kicks him in the chest, Fameasser! Heat goes for a cover! 1..2..3!! The Match is over!

Matti H: So have you been impressed Mike?

Endless Mike: Wow, I'm speechless! This match was great! I don't know who to sign!

Chadwick: Here is your winner, Caged Heat!!!

(Caged Heat leaves as the crowd boo's him)

Matti H: We're told right now we have El Sombrero backstage with Kayin Masaki, let's find out what's going on here!

(camara cuts to El Sombrero and Kayin backstage)

El Sombrero: Hola! I'm here with Kayin Masaki and I think he's mad or something, I have no idea!

Kayin Masaki: Well listen here, my time here in the NQPWF has been, well, for a lack of better words, dissapointing. My World Title reign ends before I can even defend it, and they said I was the real deal, the most marketable wrestler here. Well the fans and the crowd can kiss my ass! (Crowd noise boo's in the background) I'm gonna get back on the right track and to the top here by myself, and no one is gonna stop me! Because I brought the wrestling to the NQPWF, I brought the competition, and I'm now gonna show, that I can regain my...

(Savage walks in from the side and interrupts)

Savage: Excuse me? What's the problem here? All this bitching just woke my daughter up.

Kayin Masaki: Stay out of this, It's none of your business!

Savage: Well guess what? It is now! I'm sick and tired and of hearing all these wrestlers bitch and complain, aren't you like the 5th person to do so today?

Kayin Masaki: I'm not complaining I'm...

Savage: Yeah, you are. And Savage doesn't like that! Just listen, you keep your mouth shut and never wake my daughter up again, or I'll have your head at the top of my mantle with Patrovich, Weisman, and all those other teachers I killed.

(Savage walks away as you can hear the crowd cheer)

(Kayin stands there contemplative and walks away with fear in his eyes)

(Camara cuts to Caged Heat relaxing in his locker room after his match as he hears a knock on his door)

Caged Heat: Yes?

(Endless Mike is shown with papers in his hand)

Endless Mike: Hey! Heat!

Caged Heat: Hey... What's goin on?

Endless Mike: Listen man, Great match out there tonight! You really showed Foolary whose boss!

Caged Heat: Why thanks I apprecia...

Endless Mike: Listen to me. Right Here. Right Now. How would you like to get to the top?

Caged Heat: Like hold the World Title?

Endless Mike: Even better than that! I can have you famous! Ever been on Cereal Boxes, 8X10 Glossy's, Action Figures, Chunky Soup commercials????

Caged Heat: Well, no but I...

Endless Mike: Well listen man, if you stick with me, I'll get ya there. I'll get ya further than you've EVER been before!!!

Caged Heat: And what if you don't?

Endless Mike: (pauses for a minute) If you don't become the biggest NQPWF superstar by next year.... I give you full permission to fire me and humiliate me on television.

Caged Heat: (thinks to himself for a minute) Well, I have always dreamed on being on a box of Krinkle O's.

Endless Mike: Great! Just sign here... oh and here.... and here.... don't forget to initial here.... oh sign here... here too....

(Caged Heat signs the papers and shakes his hand and camara fades to Matti H and Christo)

Matti H: That was some crazy shit that just went down there! Caged Heat has just signed Endless Mike as his agent!

Christo: Oh and how about that confrontation that Kayin and Savage just had? I wonder what's gonna happen from there!

Matti H: Hey, looks like we got another match on our hands!

("Jumpdafuckup" by Soulfly hits)

Chadwick: This match is schedualed for one fall, introducing first, from Finncinnatti weighing 225 lbs, Finno!

(Finno walks down the rampway to a chorus of boo's)

(Finno gets in the ring and grabs a mic)

Finno: Shut up and listen to me! Lately, I've been in a really bad mood. I've lost the National Title to a Cat in the Hat freak, and I've been criticized for everything I've done. But you know what, I'm not havin it anymore! So come to the ring lucky victim, because now is not the time to mess with me!

("Crazy Insane" by Machal Montano hits and the crowd goes into a Tizzy)

Matti H: Whoohoo it's time for the Tizzy!

Chadwick: Making his way to the ring from Trinidad weighing 200 lbs, Carribean Jay!!!!

(Carribean Jay stops to pose at the entry way, and then runs to the ring)

Matti H: Looks like we're already getting under way here and Jay and finno are surpassing the lock up and going straight to brawling!

Christo: Two great wrestlers here tonight and they are here to fight and fight they shall, it looks like Finno has got him in an arm wrench, and a kick straight to the face! He's bringin him up again, and it looks like a snapmare followed by a great great kick to the back! Finno covers 1..2.. jay kicks out!

Matti H: Finno getting out some aggression ever since he lost that National title. It looks like he's got Jay in a armbar, but Jay rolls out of it and has a cover 1..2.. Finno kicks out! Both men getting back up again, Jay bouncing off the ropes and hits a Lou Thezs Press! Jay goes for another cover 1..2.. Kick Out! Jay getting Finno back up now and has him in a sleeper hold.

Christo: Jay having the upper hand right now and finno is looking a little shakey. The ref has got his hand up for 1..... 2..... and finno is still alive and he's fighting back! Jay whips Finno to the ropes, Jay goes for a clothesline, Finno ducks! turns around, DDT!

Matti H: Looks like Finno going for a cover 1...2... Kick Out!

Christo: Finno signaling that it may be over now! Finno picks up Jay looking for the Finnosher, but Jay sneaks out of it! He gets up, Reverse DDT!

Matti H: Now it looks like Jay is gonna go to the top rope maybe looking for his Flamingo Leg Drop, He hits it!!! Jay now goes for a cover 1...2...3...!!! Carribean Jay has won this match!

Chadwick: Here is your winner Carribean Jay!!!

Matti H: It looks like Jay is happy and he is gettin his crowd into a Tizzy!!! and everybodies happy! everybodies dancing!

Christo: Hey wait a second, Finno has got a chain and he's choking Carribean Jay with it! Here comes the NQPWF security to try to get him off, but Finno looks pissed! He won't let go of the chokehold and they are trying to tame him. It looks like he is finally letting go now but Carribean Jay looks hurt and the fans don't look happy.

Matti H: Well I gotta tell ya, Jay had it coming! Finno Was out for blood and I don't think this is gonna end here!

(camara cuts to backstage where Elmo, Randose, and Valerie are all in their locker room)

Randose: Listen man, we gotta focus on keeping these belts we can't worry about Weapon X right now.

Elmo: I Know, I Know. I am just shaken up. I didn't see it coming.

Randose: Well neither did I dude. He must still be holding a grudge over some stupid rivalry you two used to have.

Valerie: You guys need to focus on retaining these titles and I'll make sure Weapon X doesn't interfiere.

Elmo: You? You think you can hold back Weapon X?

Randose: Hey calm down dude it's not her fault.

Elmo: I know but seriously, you think she can stop Weapon from interfiering?

Valerie: I'm insulted!

Elmo: Don't be. I don't think 75% of the people in the NQPWF could stop Weapon from interfiering.

Valerie: I'm just trying to help... Geez get the cock out of your ass!

Randose: GUYS! STOP! Pretend like Weapon X isn't even here, I wanna keep these titles. These Megafags or whatever don't deserve them at all. This is our goal that we wanted to accomplish from the time we started back up, now let's just get our heads into this and win another tag match.

Elmo: Alright, I'm sorry.

Valerie: Yeah, me too.

Randose: Good, now let's go!

(Camara fades off them and goes to The Megastars Locker Room)

J-Magnum: Dude, are you ready brother?

Ceej-Tank: I'm sooooo ready bro!

Michael Matthews: You guys are Number 1! New NQPWF Tag Champs right here baby!!! You know why? Because you are the Beast!

Ceej-Tank: Oh hell yeah i'm the beast!

Michael Matthews: And You, are the Megastar!

J-Magnum: Damn right i'm the Megastar!

Michael Matthews: And before the night is over, it'll be Megastars, Tag Team Champions!

J-Magnum & Ceej-Tank: YOU ARE THE MASTER!

Michael Matthews: LET'S GO BOYS!!!!!

(camara cuts back to the ring)

Chadwick: The following contest is schedualed for one fall and is for the NQPWF Tag Team Championship!

("Superstar" by Saliva hits as the crowd boo's heavily)

Chadwick: Making their way to the ring first, the challengers, being accompanied by the Master Mad Man Michael Matthews, weighing in at a combined weight of 320 lbs, J-Magnum and Ceej-Tank, The Megastars!

(The Megastars walk out to the ring as the crowd continues to boo heavily)

Matti H: Alright! The Megastars are here! We got new tag champs coming soon!

Christo: Too bad it's against maybe the best team the has ever fought in the NQPWF!

("Maxwell Murder" by Rancid hits as the crowd begins to go nuts!)

Chadwick: Making their way to the ring being accompanied by Valerie, at a combined weight of 310 lbs, They are the current reigning NQPWF Tag Team champions, Elmo Machete and Randose, The 4our 5ided Trian6le!!!!!!!!

(Randose, Elmo, and Val come down to the ring high fiving the crowd as they continue to cheer)

Matti H: There's the bell and this match is under way! it looks like both members of both teams are battling in the ring and this ones set to be a real bloodbath. The Ref is telling them to go to their corners and it looks like Randose and Magnum are starting this match! a collar and elbow tie up, a wrist lock around the waist, Randose get's out of it, he wrenches Magnum's arm and slams his back to the ground! Randose gets him back up and whips him to the ropes and knocks him down with a shoulder block. he's got him covered 1..2.. Magnum kicks out! Randose flings across the ropes and hits a ground splash! cover again 1...2.. another kick out!

Christo: now lookin like Randose tagging in Elmo and they and both getting some stomping down on magnum as Ceej and Matthews look to be complaining, Elmo brings him back up and hits a snap suplex as Randose goes back to his corner. Elmo now goes for a cover 1...2... Magnum kicks out! Magnum getting away from Elmo quickly and he gets the tag into Ceej who clotheslines Elmo straight out of the blue, Ceej and Magnum looking for a double team manuever while Matthews has the ref distracted and they hit a solid double backdrop! Randose tries to get in but the Ref breaks it up and tells the illegal men to get back to their corners.

Matti H: Looks like Elmo is now being put in a half crab by Ceej Tank, Elmo not tappin out, he's crawling and he breaks the hold! Ceej goes for a cover 1...2... Elmo kicks out! Elmo trying to go for a tag but Ceej is preventing this. Ceej brings him up and hits a nice belly to belly suplex! He's now got Elmo's head on the ropes and tags in Magnum. Matthews holding Elmo's head on the ropes and Ceej and Magnum hit a double dropkick to Elmo's back! Valerie goes over to Matthews and makes sure he's off and Matthews runs away.

Christo: Magnum continuing to beat on Elmo and he hits him with a knee drop. Magnum bounces off the ropes and dropkick's Elmo's face! he goes for a cover 1...2.. Kick Out! Magnum picking Elmo back up, whips him to the corner and boots him in the face!!! Magnum now taunting the crowd but the crowd isn't having it, it looks like he's goin for a bronco buster, but elmo moves out of the way!!! Elmo desperately needs a tag here as both of these men look down. They are both crawling to their partners and they both got the tag! Randose with a right hand on Ceej! Ceej is brawling back with him, Randose lifts him up for a suplex, but it's countered and Ceej-Tank hits a suplex! goes for a cover 1...2.. Dose kicks out!

Matti H: Randose getting back up and it looks like Ceej-Tank lookin for an Enzuguri but it's countered and Randose slams him on the ground! Magnum is trying to grab Randose, but Randose knocks him off the apron! Hey wait a minute it looks like Weapon X is at the edge of the entryway! Randose doesn't seem to be paying any attention to him and he tags in Elmo. Him and Elmo whip Ceej-Tank to the ropes, Double clothesline!

Christo: Hey! it looks like Weapon X is trying to get down to the ring but Valerie is preventing him from doing so! Oh NO! He just grabbed Val's head and slammed it on the rampway! that's horrible! but inside the ring Randose and elmo have Ceej Tank set up for the Sweet N Low, and they hit it! Elmo goes to cover 1...2... hey wait a second! Weapon X pulls him out of the ring! Swift punch right to Elmo's Face! Randose trying to get out and help him but Ceej-Tank with a school boy! 1...2...3...!!!! He held the tights! and we have new Tag Team Champions!!!!

Matti H: And it looks like Weapon X is walking away from this mess he's created as Randose is trying to help his partner and manager up off the ground!

Christo: But in the ring we have a big celebration and the Megastars are the New Tag Champs!!!

Chadwick: Here are your winners and NEW NQPWF Tag Team Champions, The Megastars!

Matti H: This rivalry is far from over between Weapon X and the 4our 5ided Trian6le!

(Part 2 to be continued tomorrow)

Fri, Jan. 6th, 2006, 02:30 am
NQPWF Classic 30-Man Royal Rumble

This involves every single character that has ever been involved in the importance of the NQPWF in it's entirity. I'm doing this for my own pleasure and cause I feel like writing for fucking 2 hours.

Matti H: It looks like we're going into this rumble and it's lookin good folks! 30 NQPWF Superstars, and one leaves the champion. Now let's find out who picked number 1!!!

("Punk" by The Gorillaz hits as Elmo Machete runs to the ring)

Christo: My god it's 2 time former World Champion Elmo Machete! It's gonna be hard for this honored veteran to win with a pick this low!

Matti H: You feel bad for him? I feel bad for number 2. Number 2 never gets any recognition!

("Downside" by Klank hits as Kayin Masaki makes his way to the ring eyeing down Elmo Machete)

Matti H: Oh and this is a man that definately deserves it! A man who was screwed out of a long title reign because of a fed closing, he out of all people is definately deserving of this match.

Christo: Well don't speak too fast, he's in the ring and Elmo is already stomping on him like a drunken redneck beating his wife and fuck buddy at the same time. Good god! and a hard elbow to the chest! Elmo sure is determined but if he wants to win the title, he's gonna have to save some stamina for later.

Matti H: He's already taking too many chances, Kayin ducks a clothesline and hits a swinging neckbreaker! bounces against the ropes, and a spinning leg drop!

Christo: Kayin Masaki is a submission manuever guy and his submissions could either work to his advantage by slowing his wrestlers down, or a disadvantage because you can't lose by submission. and it looks like we're just about ready for #3!

("Louie Louie" by The Kinks hits as Louis Chaddor dances his way to the ring)

Matti H: Oh god what a joke! I don't think I ever seen this guy stay in the ring for more than 6 seconds! He definately won't last long.

Christo: I agree with that but only because he's a migrant worker. It looks likes Lou is trying to pummle on Elmo, but Elmo isn't even moving. OH! and a shot to the face by Elmo! And now him and Kayin are stomping the crap out of him. They get him back up to his feet and there he goes! Louis Chaddor is eliminated!

Matti H: See? Told ya he wouldn't last! See ya on my lawn Lou! Oh and it looks like party time is over and Kayin and Elmo are back at it. This is a rivalry that can never end! and Elmo with a beautiful DDT!

Christo: Can't get much better then this Matt!

("Weapon of Choice" by Fatboy Slim hits as The Rebel makes his way down)

Matti H: And it looks like Autonomous Cult leader The Rebel is here to battle this grueling rumble and he's heading straight to Elmo with fists back and forth. Whips him against the ropes, shoulder block!

Christo: Rebel continuing with his attack on Elmo and Kayin is over to knock it off. Kayin and Rebel look as to be brawling and now we're gonna have our next entrant!

("Superstar" by Saliva hits as Ceej-Tank comes to the ring)

Matti H: The Beast From The East has arrived and he's ready for the rumble. And it looks like we got a battle between Rebel and Elmo and Kayin and Ceej are dukeing it out.

Christo: Ceej-Tank was talking in his interview before the Rumble about how he's willing to eliminate anyone from this rumble, even his own partner J-Magnum! Elmo and Kayin whip both their opponents to the ropes, clothesline to both of them!

Matti H: This isn't lasting for long, Elmo and Kayin are back at it and they are brawling like no other! Kayin whips him to the corner, and a big boot is hit! Here comes #6!!!

("Devil's Dance Floor" by Flogging Molly hits as Matt Murphy comes to the ring)

Christo: Murph is here and he doesn't look sober or happy! He's lookin out for revenge after Ceej's vicious attack to him at the last show, and he goes straight for Ceej, which is broken up by The Rebel. Rebel grapples with Murph and delivers a beautiful snap suplex!

Matti H: and over on this side, Elmo and Kayin continue to fight! Kayin is locking in his face lock submission to soften up Elmo, he's grabbing for the ropes but in this match he can keep it in as long as he wants because you can only lose by being tossed over the top.

Christo: And on the other side, Ceej and Rebel are teaming up on Murph and they are pickin him up and got him up high in the air, DOUBLE VERTICAL SUPLEX!

Matti H: That's gonna hurt for at least 10 minutes!

("Points of Authority" by Linkin Park hits as Frank Lee makes his way in)

Christo: And former Autonomous Cult member Frank Lee is here and he's taking out his old partner Rebel. and we have 6 men brawling, Elmo Machete is teetering on the ropes and is struggling to stay alive, Ceej and Murph are duking out with hard right hands and take downs, and The Rebel is making Frank look like a beaten down rag doll!

Matti H: Elmo Machete is holding on and he's back in the ring here and laid out like yesterdays paper. and now we're ready for #8!

("Fuel" by Metallica hits and Evil Asshole Alan Schatz makes his way to the ring)

Christo: OH MY IT'S ALAN! We haven't seen him since the last time he made his return!

Matti H: Who cares about Alan? Murph just hit a High Flying DDT to Ceej-Tank and it looks likes he's out cold! While Frank Lee has Rebel in between the ropes, and he hits a DROPKICK!

Christo: Alan Schatz in and he's tryin to help Murph and Kayin eliminate Ceej-Tank but he's holding on for dear life, now Elmo getting involved and Alan going after Elmo. That's not a smart move!

("Superstar" by Saliva hits as J-Magnum makes his way to the ring)

Matti H: It's the other half of the Mega Stars! I love these guys! Magnum making sure Ceej-Tank stays in this and now him and Kayin are battling.

Christo: Oh no! Look at the top rope Frank Lee is looking for a High Risk Manuver that could eliminate The Rebel, But Rebel moves and Frank falls out of the ring! Frank Lee is eliminated!

Matti H: Murph and Alan are getting the beatdown by the Mega Stars and Elmo is squaring off with Rebel, These guys are only a 3rd away from the World Title but we still have a lot of men left! Let's see who drew #10!

("Crimson King" by Demons and Wizards hits as Devlin comes to the ring)

Matti H: Now Rebel's partner is here we have alliances and rivalries through the roof! It looks like Murph is brawling with Alan now and He delivers a great DDT! and Elmo Machete just hit the Blue Light Special on Rebel, but Devlin picks him up, and whooooo looks like the Whirley Bird!

Christo: Devlin celebrating this, but not for long as Kayin hits him square in the back. And now it looks as if Ceej, Magnum, and Alan are tryin to eliminate Murph, but this is a big guy! it's gonna take a lot to get him over!

("Bandages" by Hot Hot Heat hits as Jeepers runs to the ring)

Matti H: And here's the National Champion Jeepers! His martial art expertise makes him big competition in this rumble and he's headin for the crowd trying to eliminate Murph, but Murph has broken out of this and now he's trying to catch his breath on the other side.

Christo: But wait Murph is aimlessly walking around and Ceej-Tank has pushed him over and eliminated him!

Matti H: It looks like Ceej is a little cocky bout this and he's telling off Murph, But it looks like his tag partner J-Magnum has just tossed him out with him not even paying attention!

Christo: Well that's exactly why this match is every man for himself!

("Jumpdafuckup" by Soulfly hits as Finno makes his way to the ring)

Matti H: Finno is here and there is no love loss between him and Jeepers! Their on going feud for the National Title has made this rivalry one of the greatest we've ever seen!

Christo: and now 8 men are in the ring including the first two men who entered! Rebel and Kayin fighting! Elmo and Devlin are as well! Alan is trying to eliminate Magnum but it looks like he has a great hold of the ropes!

("Poem" by Taproot hits as Brisk makes his way to the ring)

Matti H: It's the RWF's Brisk here and he's looking to do what he states he'll do to the NQPWF and tear it down! But Devlin and Rebel are battling with him and just hit a Double Clothesline.

Christo: and on the other side, Kayin has just delivered The Downside to Elmo! Alan is running after him and he recieves a downside! And Jeepers on the other side delivers a shining wizard to the face of Finno! And now we're ready for #14!

("Digimortal" by Fear Factory hits as Danny Revolution makes his way to the ring)

Matti H: Revolution now here and he's the 10th man here in the ring. and this has become an all out insane brawl my friends! Nobody is safe here in the royal rumble!

Christo: Especially not Magnum who has just been Finnoshered by Finno. and now Finno with one to The Rebel! But he's picking him up again and Finno has just executed the Finnosher to Rebel outside of the ring, Rebel is eliminated!

Matti H: Jeepers has Alan on the ropes and a swift superkick to the face sends Alan off! This is insane! What's gonna happen next???

("Praise" by Sevendust hits as Weapon X comes down to the ring)

Christo: OH MY GOD IT'S WEAPON X! And he's here to take down everyone! CLOTHESLINE TO REVOLUTION! picks him up again, VIOLENT BOMBS HIM OUT OF THE RING! Revolution is eliminated!

Matti H: But that's not it! he's going after Brisk now and delivers another Violent Bomb!!!! Kayin picks Brisk up and tosses him out! Brisk is outta here! Now Kayin is trying to eliminate Devlin but Weapon X and Elmo from behind have just ELIMINATED BOTH OF THEM! Weapon X Is cleaning house!!!!! and now Magnum is trying to attack Weapon, but Weapon is using his strength to lift him from his back, and he flips Magnum over the ropes! Magnum is eliminated!

Christo: Weapon and Elmo working as a team almost and they and Jeepers are all beating down on Finno, and Finno is now outta here!

Matti H: It looks like Jeepers wants to celebrate, but it doesn't look like Weapon is in the mood for a party. He kicks Jeepers in the balls, and Jeepers get's clotheslined outta here!!!! We went from 9 down to 2 in 2 minutes!

Christo: and Finno is looking pissed. It doesn't look like he's leaving this match very happy.

("Crash" by Methods of Mayhem hits as Michael Matthews comes down to the ring)

Matti H: and it doesn't look like Matthews is even gonna have a chance to make it to the ring, Finno is beating the crap out of him, and he hits the Finnosher on the rampway!!! EMT's are coming out to m5's aid

Christo: This isn't smart for Elmo Machete he is looking at what's going on outside of the ring, and Weapon turns him around and hits a hard lariot onto him! Weapon is picking him up, VIOLENT BOMB! AND ANOTHER! AND ANOTHER! 3 VIOLENT BOMBS!!!

Matti H: And Weapon X is picking Elmo up, and Elmo has been eliminated. But wait Weapon has gone under the ropes and he is continuing this vicious attack on Elmo Machete! And he whips him into the concrete steps! It looks like Weapon X is getting a chair, and WHAM! a shot to the head.

Christo: Weapon X has totally cleaned house and he is taking no remorse on Elmo Machete, and it's time for our 17 entrant to come to the ring!

("You're The Best Around" from the Karate Kid hits as Figlet comes to the ring)

Matti H: Oh my god what a joke, Figlet. This fat chubby loser kid, I bet he's never even wrestled before!

Christo: Hey, he has an advantage right now, he's the only one in the ring! and it looks like he's saying something!


Matti H: Uh oh Figlet don't look behind you! Weapon X has got that chair, and he delivers a shot straight to the head of The Fig! And there goes Figlet! Weapon X just eliminated his 8th person!

Christo: It look likes Weapon's breather is over, now let's find out who drew #18!

("M.A.T.T.H." by None More Black hits as Randose runs to the ring)

Matti H: Oh my god its Randose!!! Randose is the last person Weapon would wanna see right now! both these men are duking it out and Randose has knocked Weapon down, elbow drop!

Christo: Randose looks ready and detirmined and he is a huge favorite in this rumble being a former World Champion.

Matti H: But nothing compares to Weapon X's huge Title reign for more than a tape!

Christo: Randose is still brawling down on Weapon, but Weapon X hits a low blow on Randose! He's now kicking his sternum into the ground repeatedly!

("Sugar" by System of a Down hits as Tom Foolary makes his way to the ring)

Matti H: Tom Foolary in this match now and Tom Foolary helping Weapon beat down on Randose. The two toss him against the ropes and a double knee to Randose's chest. And Weapon X uppercuts Foolary!

Christo: Weapon now putting all his attention on beating down on Foolary while Randose is slow to get up. Weapon X hits a Snap Suplex on Foolary and brings him back up and hits two more!

("Crazy Insane" by Machal Montano hits as Carribean Jay makes his way to the ring)

Matti H: Another big favorite in this match Carribean Jay is making his way down towards Weapon and starts the attack on him. Meanwhile Randose and Foolary are duking it out on the other side and Foolary has hit a huge bulldog onto Randose!

Christo: Randose looks down, but Carribean Jay is looking to take Weapon out with a HUGE Vertical Suplex beautifully executed! now Foolary and Jay are brawling and Jay hits a big Carribean Clothesline!

Matti H: Carribean Jay going to the top rope looking for the Flamingo Leg Drop, and its perfectly executed to both Foolary and Weapon!!!

("Bowser Theme" from Mario64 hits as El Lobo makes his way to the ring)

Christo: #21 El Lobo is here and he's going straight for Jay!

Matti H: Ahhh Lobo! Now that's my pick to win!

Christo: As your pick and Jay are battling, Randose has gotten up and started stomping onto Foolary and Weapon seperately. He brings Foolary up and whips him to the corner, he's running back looking for a spear, but Foolary ducks out of the way and Randose crushes his head on the ring post!!!

Matti H: Now it looks like Weapon has got Randose up and he delivers a Bezerker!!!

Christo: Now it's time for entry #22!

("The Fight Song" by Marilyn Manson hits as Crouton Magillicutti makes his way to the ring)

Matti H: Here comes Crouton and he looks ready to serve up a dose of seizure salad out tonight!

Christo: It looks like Jay has Lobo teetering on the ropes but Foolary is now geting the upper hand on Jay. Foolary holds the leg out, Enziguri kick!

Matti H: Lobo lookin for a breather and Randose and Crouton are duking it out. Weapon X now walks over to Lobo and starts stomping him into the corner!

("In Bloom" by Nirvana hits as Caged Heat makes his way to the ring)

Christo: Here comes Caged Heat who has cost Carribean Jay the EBW Title. Also these two are former tag team champions who have had a huge rivalry here in the NQPWF. Heat is lookin out for some revenge tonight!

Matti H: It looks like Heat is headed straight to Jay as the two of them are brawling. Randose has just hit a Russian Leg Sweep onto Crouton and Lobo has just powerslammed Weapon! Foolary and Lobo are now trying to get Weapon X over the ropes but he's holding on really tight!

Christo: It looks like Jay has reversed Cage's irish whip and he whips him towards the ropes and hits a beautiful cross body!!

("Big In Japan" by Tom Waits hits as Stop Sign Bob makes his way to the ring)

Matti H: And here is our beloved chairman Stop Sign Bob! He could win the title and not even have to wrestle.

Christo: What a pussy bitch! He's not even entering the ring. Hey look! Randose has gone under the ropes and is exchanging blows with Stop Sign Bob! both of them are battling on the outside!

Matti H: And inside the ring we have Caged Heat teetering on the ropes and Jay looking to eliminate him, but Heat moves out of the way and Jay flies over the top! Carribean Jay is eliminated!

Christo: Randose has finally thrown Stop Sign Bob into the ring and Lobo and Foolary join in on the beatdown. and it looks like as if we're ready for #25!!!

("God Of Mind" by Disturbed hits as The Climax makes his way to the ring)

Christo: CLIMAX IS HERE! CLIMAX IS HERE! He's running down and he looked angry and ready as he delivers a clothesline to Lobo, delivers a clothesline to Foolary, he grabs Crouton and tosses him over the top, Crouton's eliminated! Now he picks up Foolary and eliminates him! Now he's lifting Heat up, THE RESOLUTION OVER THE ROPES! HEAT IS ELIMINATED!

Matti H: And it looks like Weapon X is gonna break up Climax's fun and he's looking to hit a Bezerker, but RANDOSE DROPKICKS BOTH OF THEM AND THEY FALL TO THE MAT! Randose gets up and Lobo picks him up for a Sidewalk Slam! Bob is now trying to escape Lobo, but it looks like our next entrant is about to arrive!

("Don't Stop Me Now" by The Vandals hits as Primetime Punisher makes his way to the ring)

Christo: And here's Barry trying to make an impact here! Goin' straight for Lobo, Punisher tries to lift him for the TKO, but Lobo won't let him pick him up! Lobo now grabs Primetime Punishers head and tosses him out!

Matti H: Lobo now getting back into it with Randose and both of them are stomping on Weapon and Climax. Stop Sign Bob is still standing in the corner alone watching everything go on, but him and Randose have made eye contact and Randose is now chasing Bob around the ring!!! He tells Lobo to hold Bob and he kicks him in the stomach! Now Randose has delivered the Overdose to Bob!!! Dose and Lobo pick Bob up and send him flyin out of the ring!

("I Wanna Rock" by Twisted Sister hits as Savage comes to the ring)

Christo: The former World Champ Savage is here! And it looks like Lobo has turned on Randose and delivered a flying lariot to him! Weapon and Climax still brawling on the other side and Weapon hits a Big Fisherman Suplex!

Matti H: Savage is now going over to brawl with Weapon while Lobo is still beating Randose to the ground! and it looks like it's time for #28!

("Coma" by Guns N Roses hits as Dr. Pain comes to the ring)

Matti H: Here comes the Pain and he is heading straight for Lobo! Hard rights and lefts delivered to both of these wrestlers! and now the Climax and Randose are fighting! Climax with a Brainbuster onto Dose! Savage with a Pumphandle Slam on Weapon!

Christo: Lobo is looking to pick Dr. Pain up for a gorilla press, but Pain counters and hits a belly to belly suplex! All these men in the ring look fatigued! We got two more entries to go!

("Dragula" by Rob Zombie hits as Jonny Deathrow comes to the ring)

Matti H: The Animal is here! and the RWF didn't have much success before so maybe Deathrow can try to win it with this high pick!

Christo: Deathrow and Dr. Pain are the only to people up and fighting with Savage and Climax getting to their feet. Climax has Savage on the ropes but Savage is holding on, Lobo is trying to stomp down on whoever he see's but Weapon X trips him face first to the floor.

Matti H: Dr. Pain whips Deathrow to the ropes, but Deathrow delivers a hard clothesline!

Christo: Well it looks like it's finally time for our final entry to get down here.


("Jungle Boogie" by Kool & The Gang hits as the Dancin' Fool Cabage Patches his way to the ring)

Matti H: It looks like The Fool got the luck of the draw here and he's coming in lookin for a fight and not a dance. He goes over to Deathrow and hits a big hanging suplex on him!

Christo: And on this side it looks as if Weapon X has Randose up for the Violent Bomb, BUT WAIT A MINUTE! IT'S ELMO MACHETE! WE THOUGHT HE WAS DEAD! SMILEY FACE BUSTER ONTO WEAPON X!

Matti H: It looks like Elmo is bringing him up and him and Randose have tossed him over!!! The Most Threatening man who eliminated 8 people has just been eliminated!!!

Christo: Don't look now but Jonny Deathrow is teetering on the ropes, it looks like Dr. Pain is trying to push him over, but HE LOSES HIS BALANCE! BOTH DEATHROW AND PAIN ARE ELIMINATED! 5 Men are left standing!

Matti H: and it looks like Randose and Lobo and Climax are all brawling while the Dancin' Fool is put in a menacing headlock by Savage. Fool dances his way out of it, throws Savage against the ropes and clotheslines him straight over! We are down to our Final Four!

Christo: These men have been in here a while with the exception of the Fool. Randose the most fatigued. Randose has Climax in the corner and starts pummeling the hell out of him. While it looks like Dancin' Fool is about to hit the Get Down on Lobo, but Lobo gets out of it and goes for a belly back suplex, Dancin' Fool is pushed over to the ropes and HE'S SUPLEXED OVER THE ROPES! FOOL IS ELIMINATED!

Matti H: Randose has knocked Climax down and he's looking for the Stage Dive which is very risky right now... especially when Lobo shakes the ropes! Randose is sitting on top on the ring post and Lobo has got him up looking for a superplex, BUT CLIMAX IS UP! CLIMAX IS UP! CLIMAX HAS PUSHED BOTH RANDOSE AND LOBO OVER, CLIMAX IS OUR NEW WORLD CHAMPION!!!!!

Christo: Great, now let's catch up on sleep.

Matti H: Climax is the Royal Rumble winner and NEW WORLD CHAMPION!!!!

I started writing this at 2:30 am, I finished at 6:05 am. I honestly have no fucking life. and hey if you can understand it, try reading it, it took work and effort and all that jazz

Sat, Dec. 31st, 2005, 01:22 pm
ahh the best and worst of 2005

ahh yes the time has come says RDS. for new days of new years and same old shit yet again. but whats really important for right now, it my year, in an entire nutshell....

this year wasn't bad, but it had no comparrison to 2004. I think 2004 was my year for moving on and freedom and since i have those things now, it's not as thrilling. let me just go through some of my favorite parts of the year. I ended up having like 6 or 7 parties at my house which is certainly a highlight. i don't know if i'll ever have that much in '06 but who knows for sure? Beer Pong turned out to be really big for me and my friends this year. building the table and all, having the big pow wow's at Helbig's backyard. those nights were probably the best I'm ever gonna have. I actually went to Helbig's house and checked the table out, it's dead :( but we're gonna use it for wrestling now!

Apollo was a good summer expierience. I learned a lot about kids and how much I'm glad that I'm not one anymore. I also was in an atmosphere where I was around mostly Jewish people which I've never been around... and for good reasons.

I made a lot of great friends everywhere this year. I never realized before that it is possible to have a lot of friends, but I guess I do. and in many groups too. I guess I raise my glass tonight to those who befriended me this year and those who continued it.

and though Exploiting Trevor broke up, we'll be back next week :D

Now for the lists!!!

Top Ten CD's of 2005
10. Gogol Bordello - Gypsy Punks
9. The Falcon - Up Your Ass With Broken Glass
8. The Darkness - One Way Ticket To Hell and Back
7. Propagandhi - Potemkin City Limits
6. No Use For A Name - Keep Them Confused
5. Lagwagon - Resolve
4. Foo Fighters - In Your Honor
3. MSI - You'll Rebel To Anything
2. System of a Down - Hyponotize
1. System of a Down - Mezmerize

Top Ten Movies of 2005
10. The Longest Yard
9. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
8. Saw 2
7. Waiting
6. Batman Begins
5. War of the Worlds
4. Wedding Crashers
3. 40 Year Old Virgin
2. The Aristocrats
1. Sin City

Top Ten Exciting Athlete's To Watch of 2005
10. LeBron James, PG, Cleveland Caviliars
9. Jerry MacNamera, SF, Syracuse Orange
8. David Ortiz, DH, Boston Red Sox
7. Dontrelle Willis, P, Florida Marlins
6. Peyton Manning, QB, Indianapolis Colts
5. LaDanian Tomlinson, RB, San Diego Chargers
4. Chad Johnson, WR, Cincinatti Bengals
3. Reggie Bush, RB, USC Trojans
2. Jaramir Yagr, RW, New York Rangers
1. David Wright, 3B, New York Mets

Top Ten Memories of 2005
10. Cooperstown
9. Road Trip With Savage
8. Cause Your Fat John! (goes along with all the times we smoked at Elmo's)
7. Exploiting Trevor Shows
6. FTC Sex Ed Course
5. the Vandals @ CBGB's
4. The NQPWF Reunion
3. The Cleveland Trip (Rock N Roll HOF, Ceder Point)
2. Being at Mike Piazza's last game as a Met
1. Beer Pong Parties at Helbig's

well that's it. see you all next year!

Wed, Dec. 21st, 2005, 10:39 pm
happy festivis for the restofus

you know what i don't really enjoy? People who don't take into account that this is the holiday season, meaning it includes Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, and whatever else celebrated. I'm always a little pissed off around this time of year. for my whole life it's been OMG christmas joy and cheer and stories and hot chocolate... oh yeah randy your a jew, you cant be involved. oh fuck you thanks. i like my holiday. Christmas is overrated. so don't give me your merry christmas BS when you know damn well I aint celebratin it. I got my 8 days of awesomeness, not Hannukah, but 8 days of awesomeness. it's just 8 days where everything in my life I'm going to make awesome because it's something that honestly should be done. I have to admit, it doesnt feel like the holidays as much this year as its done in other years, but still, i want people to appreciate Hannukah and maybe every now and again have a menorah guy runnin around throwin candles or latkas.

oh and flick if you are reading this... THE NQPWF WANTS YOUR BABIES!

Fri, Dec. 16th, 2005, 03:18 am
It's like a movie where I find out I'm happy where I am and I don't need to change things

todays important quotes:

"Do whatever makes you happy and that's what counts" - Amber

"Losing you would almost be like losing a part of the school itself" - Vinny

"You're unique personality belongs here in this place where it's more than acceptable" - Chris

"If you aren't around, whose gonna take me to hooters?" - Val

So I made a very important decision today, like I've been trying to make as of late. In the month of september I felt lonely and segrigated, i wasnt leaving the house a lot and i was going into a depression. i made a decision that I was gonna start over a new leaf in my life and go away to college. during this time, i have learned a lot about people, freedom of speech, friends, and most importantly myself. I felt comfortable at my college for once finally. I had a group of friends i felt cared about me, and i did likewise. I felt like after a year i finally found a true niche here at five towns. there is a lot more to this, i shall explain it further as days go by. i just think the best place for me right now is the place i've been for 19 years and thats home. love the one your with.

Wed, Dec. 14th, 2005, 03:22 am
Today's Touchy Topic: Racism

right now, i happen to be watching a special on the recent passing of african american pioneer comedian Richard Pryor. and that kind of fuses into everything that happend today in a nutshell because what i have to get off my chest right now are some ideas, if they are waaaaay to crazy for you, then i guess you have the choice not to read this.

so today i was in my film history class noticing there are some people in the class who are sharing their own work. since i love pimping my own shit, what better then to show my "pride and joy" Egghead to the class. Before today i havent even watched it in maybe 3 or 4 months so i needed that nostalgia anyway. So I decide at first I'm gonna show the Christmas episode because it's christmas time and whatever. So I show it and the class gets a good laugh out of it, but the real opinions I wanna hear is how the animation though how crappy it may be, makes a point to what the show is about, I was out to prove that you dont need talent to make art.

so after the episode ends, I ask the class to tell me what they thought of it. the first thing I hear out of the "lovely" professor Garrison's mouth is, why is that santa clause character black? I was stunned at first because I wanted the topic of discussion to be more on the actual art then something that isn't even implyed. so my first thought is, well, because that's who the character is, the character is an overweight black man. and then she started getting testy with me because the theif was black, which is blown totally out of proportion because the theif is "technically" asian. and then i explained that every character is a different ethnicity or personality (such as a wheelchair guy, an arab, a jew) and still, i'm getting this shit that the cartoon could be defined as racist. well okay that may have struck something, let me show them the turtle episode. I show them the episode (olly eats egghead turtle at the end) and then I'm getting shit for the black person being the enemy.... umm what the fuck? it's a fucking character! there is no racism ever implyed in it. EVERY single person who has seen egghead previously, black people ARE included, has said that it was hillarious and the characters were awesome.

this kind of pissed me off because it was totally not the idea I was going for and it totally ruined a perfectly good opinionated conversation. before Garrison brought it up people were laughing and enjoying this cartoon of sorts, and then afterwards, it was like she brainwashed everyone into thinking i was wrong and I was the bad guy. my friends Eliza and Kerri seemed extremely irritated at the fact that Garrison would even mention anything about race. me and Eliza kind of both bitched her out after the class letting her know it was kind of wrong to bring up race in a situation that totally didnt need it. I explained to her that this kind of thing happens all the time. does anyone complain that Apu is a Quickee Mart guy on the simpsons? No, you know why? because we enjoy it for what it is. do people complain when dave chappelle makes white people look like douche bags on his show? No, because we enjoy it for what it is. but the overweight black guy on a crappy teenage made "cartoon" is not acceptable because it deals with race.

Now to set the record straight, I can understand why black people would be upset. I did get 2 different opinions from 2 different black people in the class. one said it was great he loved it, the other said he knew we werent aiming for being racist, but it was felt. now I understand that a lot of black people seem to get a little touchy about this subject because of the past and the segregation part of American History. but you know what, that part of time is over. we are at a time in our life where any type of race, religion, or sexuality is accepted on TV, public, and mostly everywhere.

Now here's what I don't understand. WHY CAN'T WE LIVE AS PEOPLE? I have been saying this for god knows how long and right now I want to make everything perfectly clear. well I would like to let everyone know what's offencive to me. what's offencive to me is not that white people are being made fun of on black TV, or that black people call white people goofy or lame. I can perfectly accept that because they are entitled to those opinions if they totally want to. what truely offends me is that if I see a table in the cafeteria that has 2 black males and 2 black females, i dont feel comfortable sitting down next to them introducing myself and becoming friends because I feel as if I wouldnt be accepted. This goes on absolutely everywhere that blacks and whites just tend to remain on their own side. but why? I would love to have more black friends than i do, i like to culturally diverse myself and make everyone available to my presence. but it just wont happen....

ever since the beginning of time its been white vs. black, whites owning the blacks, blacks not having their rights, and none of it is right at all and we have finally come into a time in our society where there is freedom for everyone. this doesnt just go with blacks. this goes for everyone. asians, jews, gays, scientologists, dominicans, polacks, eskimos and so on. WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT!!!!! what we need to do is say hey, this is who I am, and I can accept it! When people call me a jew, I dont get offended, I say yeah I know it and I keep on with my everyday life. but apparently if you call someone black, they will get offended. This hurts me deep down inside. This hurts me because if you cant fully accept yourself for who you are, then what the hell exactly are you?

I am IN NO WAY in an agruement against black people. if anything, I'm trying to fight this battle with them because I feel that one day, we COULD have peace among races. there WILL be cafeteria tables with whites, blacks, asians, homosexuals, and possibly eskimos.

the fact is that, we are all different. in some way shape or form, everyone is made differently whether it be hair color, gender, race, sexuality, religion, inny belly buttons, outtie belly buttons, siamese twins, handicapped, we are all different no matter what. but there is something about us that we all have in common. we are all human beings. we need to learn how to be human beings together and stop the hate between differentials. and im not saying we have to like everybody because we dont, but we need to sit back and forget that people are different and accept them for who they are and what they do.

okay so that was really hard to get off my chest because I really want people to think about this instead of argue it. if i come off as hippacritical which was totally not intended, it's unintentional and i can reword myself to make my point across. if you read this, seriously i thank you, i hope you can take this into deep consideration as i did. from now on, i'm gonna continue speaking out against racism and continue to try and get my (what i think is) valid point accross.

in other news, the day wasnt too bad, my science teacher is cutting me a huge break if i can get a 75 or better on the final, our studio project is finally complete, and i completed a boring ass holiday concert that i was running the switcher board for. so all in all, a long day. how was yours?

Mon, Dec. 12th, 2005, 04:06 am
its the dramatic return to :GASP!!!!!:

yeah every now and again i feel as if i can come back to live journal and write things so that i dont forget my thoughts and other people can feel free to criticize me accordingly. so i'm gonna annalyze the past few months in the most easiest way possible...

going back to school really sucked ass at first. i felt sheltered, and didnt feel the need or want to accomplish much. at first i didnt feel as if i was progressing at school or in life and the whole month of september was pretty much total crap. i finally decided i needed to break from my shell and regain my life back to what it once was. i started hangin around after school, chillen with some of the dormies, continuing to make good friends and i started to enjoy myself at five towns college for the first time in my over a year stay there.

home life got a little agressive. my parents knew what was going on and how depressed i was. they helped a bit, but it was more like they were trying to focus on my future and me getting a job and transferring and whatnot. so it was hard finding some people to talk to about problems and i just learned to cope with them myself.

coming out of the summer, i was in what i like to call a "WHATTHEFUCK" in terms of relationship. and just like most of randy's relationships, this one didnt last for longer than 2 weeks. and looking back, i couldnt be happier. maybe a month ago she started talking to me again, and i shut it down before there could ever be any sign of life. besides that, i havent really found a girlfriend or what some people like to call "friend with benefits" or "fuck buddy". there has been flashes of maybes, but nothing really past that. it doesnt really bother me a lot, it's just that i can't get over the fact that people are afraid to get to know me. i was just speaking about this with my mother. she pointed out the fact that i can be a really nice person one minute, and an obnoxious asshole the next. so when people decide if they wanna become friends with me or not, they usually see me in a foul mood and say i dont wanna associate with him. that's something im gonna wanna change about myself because i dont feel as if i'm really that bad of a person most the time.

now there was an unfortunate change of events that led to my liking of five towns 'sort of'. i had finally found a niche and a group of friends who i feel i have gotten extremely close with. but all things sometimes come to an end... i desided it was best for me to expand my horizons and look for another college to go to. i applied to URI, Temple, Towson, Ithaca, Hartford, and Quinnipiac. I was only accepted to Quinnipiac and Towson so by default, i have chosen to study at quinnipiac starting spring 06. it's 2 hours away, it has an awesome communications and television program, and i think i can find a lot of inspiration and motivation there. i went and visited last week and its everything a college kid could want. it's a decent size campus with everything accessable. and never have i thought that people could just have huge parties in their dorm rooms and drink and smoke weed at their leisure and if gotten caught, only get a warning, which you can get as many as 10 i believe. it's gonna be an expierience that i'm very willing to go through. i've got a month left to think about home life, then im finally on my own.

as for leisure goes, i have been hangin out with a good group of people. i started hangin out with farrell and elmo a lot more since they are always around. all we do is get stoned and watch nqpwf stuff which is always fun. the nqpwf just kinda slowly came back into all of our lives. again we found ourselves bored, so why not wrestle each other? believe me i wasn't a huge fan of the idea at first, but after we did our first show and how all the matches just turned out amazing, i was hooked again. same with actually TV wrestling. it's a shame that most of my wrestling videos got destroyed in the flood around october. i still have all my wrestlemanias though which is a huge plus. yeah, its such a retarded hobby to be into, but there is just something about it that i can get obsessed with so easily, it takes over your brain, in a good way.

other key moments: i went to the last met game of the season, which sadly happend to be piazza's last game as a met. it's so rare that i ever find true respect for an athlete, but i have the greatest respect for mike piazza. one of the true players of the game who just wanted to go out an play and not complain about a contract. he did a lot for new york and i hope every met fan can look back and respect him for it. same goes with curtis martin. it's so sad to see him at the end of his career he's slowly fading. he didnt play today for the first time in like, 118 games or something. and as mark messier's retirement goes, i cant begin to express how i felt that day. it felt like a part of me had just ended. he was always my idol and my inspiration growing up. he taught me leadership, confidence, and good sportsmanship and in my mind, there will never be another player like him.

as for the acutal teams go, mets are lookin at the big time for '06 which makes me extremely happy, the rangers are rollin and look to be one of the elite in the nhl, as for the jets... well i love the jets, always have and always will, it just wasnt their year.

as the days dwindle down, the nights get colder, the days get shorter, the smoke fills my lungs longer, the beer gets guzzled faster, the pain from a suplex hurts stronger, the suffer of a loss becomes somber, the nights of sleep are thinner, the unshaven face grows thicker, the scuffles with life become harder. but ya know what, this is life for ya, weather you enjoy it or not, your gonna go through all these things that will revive through a cycle, thered be good days, bad days, no days, yes days. but it's worth the trip.

and that my friends is my encouraging words of the day

Sun, Jun. 19th, 2005, 05:45 pm
beer pong and stuff

first things first, i was tagged

List 7 of your favourite songs of the moment, and then tag 7 others to do the same.

None More Black "Invisible Suitcases"
Wu Tang Clan "Killa Bees"
Mindless Self Indulgence "Two Hookers and an 8 Ball"
No Use For A Name "Dumb Reminders"
System of a Down "Old School Hollywood"
Kelly Clarkson "Since You've Been Gone"
Dre ft. Snoop "The Next Episode"

i tag amanda, valerie, kelly, mullet, fran, yvonne, and uhh i dunno whoever

so we started this cool thing called the IBPA
and we got mad beer pong teams
and this is gonna be my summer
me and logan are the Weapons of Mass Destruction
we built an awesome table at matt's which we christened last night.

along with this is team ramrod, our bowling team
me matt barry and kenny. we aren't very good lol

along with this i have a new job at this camp that travels like everywhere possible. it starts in like a week, whooo im excited

this summer looks awesome

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